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When you need to replace or repair your windows in Elizabethtown, PA​ contact us! We offer a wide array of window installation, maintenance, replacement & repair services including replacement and repairs.

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Windows Replacement in Elizabethtown, PA

Over time, your windows may lose their seal and no longer provide your home with the insulation it needs. If this is the case, or you want to just change up the look of your home’s exterior, turn to the professionals at Burns Home Improvements LLC. Since 2018, our locally owned business has been handling window installation and replacement throughout Central Pennsylvania.

Usually, windows are considered a passage that facilitates sunlight and airflow, but to us, windows offer so much more. Windows add a touch of aesthetics to your house with their unique designs and colors, which makes the curb appeal of your property more appealing. What gives it a seamless finish is the windows’ proper installation and fitting. To provide a celestial look to your house, we employ the most trained and skilled workers for your desired service of replacement windows in York, PA. We will work quickly and efficiently to get your new windows installed and your home looking great!

Windows Replacement

benefits of Windows Replacement

If you think the services of window replacement in York, PA, are only carried out when severe damage occurs, think again. Instead, there are multiple reasons for the repair and restoration of windows that can benefit your house in several ways.

  • Energy efficiency – are your electricity bills causing an enormous strain on your wallet? You can easily eliminate the costs by shifting towards energy efficiency. The larger the windows, the less will you be relying upon your cooling and heating system. Let the sunlight pour in and see the skyrocketing bills come down.
  • Security- windows render peace of mind by keeping you and your loved ones safe. Windows that are too easy to open are a potential risk to burglars and criminals. Such windows might require a replacement to ensure maximum safety by being difficult to be broken or broken into.
  • Style- a major reason for changing your windows might be the dated style that doesn’t goes with contemporary trends. Especially if you have remodeled the house, leaving your windows as is can be a significant downgrade in the overall impact. Whether you require a more modish look to the house, or a shift towards a vintage touch, mere replacement of a window can help create a distinct curb appeal that will attract attention.
  • Easy cleaning- cleaning windows can be quite a frustrating chore, especially when they’re not designed to make the process any easier. Windows can also be stained due to the coastal effects of the location you live in, turning out to be a pain in the neck to clean, especially if you live on the second floor. These stains might require the replacement with a convenient-to-clean design and strong resistance towards environmental effects.
  • Other reasons may be broken glass, broken muntins, water leakage issues, poor exterior cases, and many more.

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windows installation

Perfect Windows for Your Property

We proffer a variety of designs for the replacement of windows in Harrisburg, PA, and New York that are guaranteed to blend in with the architecture of your house. We are proud to offer the following windows to our customers:

• Bay Windows
• Bow Windows
• Double-Hung Windows
• Slider Windows
• Triple-Hung Windows

Our proficient and adept offering of window replacement in York, PA, and Harrisburg, PA, will definitely be a choice that you won’t regret. Call us now to modify your house!

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We are really pleased with the quality of the service provided by Burns Home Improvements LLC. They are very humble in their approach and they completed the project in time.

Julia G. Felder


Burns Home Improvements LLC has gone over and above to meet my requirements and that too without charging me a lot. Thanks a ton!

Elizabeth T. Barrett


I was looking for a reliable contractor to make some changes in my home and I so contacted them. They did an excellent job. Kudos to them.

Ralph V. Peters


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